Boudoir Prep

What do I need for boudoir?  I usually get asked this whenever a lady books her session, so I am making a quick guide for you (this is a guide you don’t need to follow the outfit choices to a tee).

Before your session

Wax, shave, pluck areas you want smooth.  Try to do your waxing at least 2 days before to reduce any redness.  If you prefer natural go for it. But I will not edit out facial hair/bikini/underarm etc.

Don’t fake tan please!!  Pictures seem to always come out orange.

Day of your session

Wash and dry your hair the day of your session if you aren’t getting it professionally done

Makeup (if doing your own), check pintrest for some great makeup ideas, and false eyelashes make your eyes pop.

Nails (and toenails) make sure they are clean or polished (chipped nail polish sticks out like a sore thumb).   No time for a manicure the press on nails from Wal-Mart etc look good in pictures too.

Drink water and eat before your session.

Try to come in comfortable clothes if you can go braless go for it (it also keeps bra strap marks from showing up).

Bring neutral underwear and bring a pair of black undies that you feel comfortable in

Some outfit ideas

I do have some outfits on hand but as everyone is a different size I still suggest you bring some of your own.

A pump (or thin heel) makes your legs look amazing (you don’t need to walk in them), a wedge shortens your leg.  Colours for shoes a colour similiar to your natural skin tone really elongates your leg!  But black or a colour that matches your outfit looks great too.

Robes are nice if you want to be sexy without showing a lot of skin.

Big t-shirt or sweaters work too.

Most of all, relax!  I will help you narrow down outfits and I will help with posing.


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